Hi, I’m Edward Terry

This is my showreel. I have an agent for commercials (AK Agents) and am open to discussing opportunities directly for all parts, though my ideal type is “the sly and witty gent with a concealed agenda.” Think detective, spy, time lord, politician, vampire, criminal mastermind, business mogul, journalist, eccentric billionaire, devious scientist, … you get the idea.

The rest of this site collates some of my reels, monologues, short stories and poetry. Hope to see you on set one day!


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Could I fit your next production? Great! Get in touch here
or contact AK Agents for commercials enquiries.

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A little background…

I am an actor, writer and filmmaker. And I love it. I also present a YouTube channel on life coaching. My core skills are built on many years of experience in the live performing arts of Immersive Theatre & Murder Mystery but are focused on film and television nowadays.

I ran an event company for 12 years focusing on fantasy and themed role-playing and worked with English Heritage on their Hallowe’en Horrors productions as an artistic director for 2 years, two national professional LARP organisations on their SFX crews for 4 years, and our local council delivering edutainment to children for 1 year. My background includes management consulting, running my own web company and owning and running a group of restaurants. I am listed in the International Who’s Who of Professionals 2001-2003.

I have trained with Actors Pulse (Meisner & Screen Acting), the London Actors Workshop, the British Action Academy and Alpha Armoury and am continuously improving my skills and knowledge of the business. I also produce my own YouTube channel and work as a supporting artist (including Andor, Witcher Blood Origins, House of the Dragon, You, Great Expectations and more).

I write fiction and non-fiction and publish online through this site and other blogs. This site also collects some of my fiction (though not the screenplays), poetry and occasional thoughts on the film and television industry. The predominant genres I write are sci-fi and fantasy. Sci-fi styles range from speculative to high-concept. Fantasy is high-concept, and sometimes blends the world of today with otherworldly places and creatures. I have also written some gothic horror.

Could I fit your next production? Great! Get in touch here or contact my agent for commercials, Kate Nathan, at AK Agents.

Other services I offer …

As I am also a screenwriter and am open to discussing collaborations or ghostwriting for your productions. I also offer proofreading/editing services to help you craft better screenplays …

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