Hi, I’m Edward Terry

I am an actor and writer. And I love it.

I trained with Actors Pulse (Meisner & Screen Acting), the London Actors Workshop and also the British Action Academy and am continuously improving my skills and knowledge of the business. I also produce my own YouTube channel.

I write fiction and non-fiction and publish online through this site and other blogs. This site also collects my fiction, poetry and occasional thoughts on the film and television industry. The predominant genres I write are sci-fi and fantasy. Sci-fi styles range from speculative to high-concept. Fantasy is high-concept, and sometimes blends the world of today with otherworldly places and creatures. I have also written some gothic horror.

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Latest stories

Monologue: At School

Storyboard: Act 2

As part of my ongoing training with the London Actor’s Workshop, we’re doing regular monologues. Here’s the first one for the course: “At School.” Let me what you think in the comments. I’ll be posting new ones periodically as I film them.

The Making of Women Unite: The First-Ever Human NFT

WU Kingdom Palace

Earlier this year I was asked to go and help produce the Women Unite NFT collection. I worked on the production side doing final checks, ensuring every model had the right costume, make-up and props immediately before their photo was taken. Initially, we created a collection of 2,222 stunning photos but they were all so unique that we extended the collection to 10,000 pieces. On some days we were...

Review: The Mind Parasites

Art by Loïc Muzy

The Mind ParasitesColin WilsonSupernatural, MetaphysicalAudible Studios27 March 2015Audiobook8h 23mAudible Wilson has blended H. P. Lovecraft’s dark vision with his own revolutionary philosophy and unique narrative powers to produce a stunning, high-tension story of vaulting imagination. A professor makes a horrifying discovery while excavating a sinister archaeological site. For over 200...

The Monk

Oriental Dragon on Roof Ridge Tile

“Even lifeless, he was still the beating heart of this barren courtyard, you know?” The old man didn’t wait for an answer to his rhetorical question. “His stone eyes stared through the entrance to the monastery. His sandstone skin was smoothed by time and he wore sandstone clothes from a bygone era. He leaned on his cane, hand over hand, waiting as if for news of better times, or maybe that...

Alpha Dog

Construction Site

This was a fun challenge from Writing Magazine. It was a competition to write 1,500-1,700 words of dialogue with no attribution or tags. Literally pure dialogue which is supposed to make enough sense to be read without the need for any other clues. I didn’t actually submit the piece (time and the general dissatisfaction of the writer over their work) but I hope you like the dialogue and the...

A Coronavirus Conversation

Pirbright Laboratory

I wrote this scene as part of my NaNoWriMo project which I am still working on. The WIP is called “Vincent” (working title) who is the MC in the story. He’s a very bright, mid-20s virologist and the WIP is set in 2020 during the pandemic but is not about the pandemic. The conversation happens early in the book and it’s more about establishing Vincent’s character...

The Gift

Bleak, snow-covered mountain

This is one chapter in one of my WIPs which is a sci-fi piece set on a future Earth with mystical overtones. Cults? Hidden Agendas? Pawns in a Bigger Scheme? Of course ...

Pantser, Plantser, Plotter. Is there a right way to write?

Field Notes on a Story

Lets start with a couple of definitions about the three principle types of writer that exist. If you engage in any of the forums you will come across these regularly. Pantser: The least restricted of the three writers. A pantser flies by the seat of their pants (hence the term) and writes where the story takes them, with no preparation or planning and just an idea and the wind (and sometimes...

NaNoWriMo 2020 Begins

NaNoWriMo 2020

Call yourself a writer? Ever tried NaNoWriMo? The goal is to write 50,000 words in 30 days. And it starts tomorrow! I have known about NaNoWriMo for a while now from an Antipodean friend – Elizabeth Woods – and her contributions on Daily Write, but I only registered for the challenge last year. Running 4 restaurants at the time meant I dropped out as there just wasn’t time to...

Journal 8: 26 October

Write without fear. Edit without mercy.

So much for regularity! It’s been a couple of months since the last post, so I’ll dive in with a quick round-up of posts. New Posts Foundation & Empire by Isaac Asimov [Book Review]Second Foundation by Isaac Asimov [Book Review]Succubus [New Poetry by me]Toxic Magnetism: How & Why Empaths Attract Narcissists [Book Review]Empath Awakening: How to Stop Absorbing Pain, Stress...

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    About 40 years ago, I discovered role-playing and Dungeons and Dragons in one of the after school clubs. It revealed a universe that allowed me to flex my storytelling muscles and enjoy a mixture of fantasy and sci-fi and feed the escapist dreamer inside.

    Over time, I played (and story-led - marked with *) many systems including Call of Cthulhu*, Shadowrun, Dungeons & Dragons*, Middle Earth, In Nomine*, Bushido, Chivalry & Sorcery, Chill, Warhammer, Warhammer 40k, Gammaworld, Hawkmoon, Stormbringer, Immortals*, Marvel Super Heroes, Paranoia, RuneQuest, Vampire: The Masquerade*, and a couple of systems my own devising (Medieval* and Parody*).

    I explored live-action role-playing – eventually running my own club and creating my own LARP systems (Fools Gold and Dream Conquest) – and usually found myself in script-writing or game-master duty, writing over 500 individual live adventures over the period (usually weekly), many linked into the world events of the fantasy land we created. I also volunteered for Curious Pastimes and Lorien Trust at their main LARP events (special effects at the Ritual Circle), and did a little script work, cameos and improv for Curious Pastimes. I was also the South East's Editor (UK) for the LARP magazine The Adventurer. The biggest event I ran was a 10-month modern-day "murder mystery" LARP set around parts of Kent where characters were "always-on" and could get updates and interactions at any time outside of scheduled events. That was in the 1990s.

    I was also the artistic director for English Heritage for their live Halloween Horrors events at Fort Amherst in Kent from 1998-1999.

    Now, I write as the mood takes me with occasional competitions and challenges, and this year (2020) I will be taking on #NaNoWriMo.

    Here's to the future!