Journal 8: 26 October


So much for regularity! It’s been a couple of months since the last post, so I’ll dive in with a quick round-up of posts.

New Posts


I have been slowly working my way through the LifeBook course and reviewing my coaching course materials from Mindvalley. Still some work to do, but nearly there. I also rebranded my Restaurant Blue Book site so it’s focused on professional consulting to independent restaurants (alongside the blog of articles), and also launched its own Facebook and Instagram pages.

I am also getting ready for NaNoWriMo 2020. It will be my first attempt at a novel and I have an outline of a modern-day supernatural piece which I plan to use as my guide to try to hit the magic 50,000-word count in November. Unless I switch to fantasy or sci-fi at the last minute.

I’m still working on “The Gift” and have further polished my earlier drafts. The short story is at about 4,000 words and I have penned a few through lines for story development as it lends itself as an introduction to a larger story. If I had more ideas here, this could be the NaNoWriMo project – maybe next time.

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By Edward

The Here & Now

I’m working on developing a feature film – a supernatural thriller. You can find more about this on my production website. I am doing a script readthrough at Pinewood later in March for a TV comedy pilot. Plus the usual audition rounds of course. And my IMDb StarMeter has improved by 30,000!