The First Watch


Further to A New Worldview where we provided some commentary and analysis of the 6EQUJ5 (cygnus) signals decrypted from SETI thus far, we have uncovered a communication which offers some insight into the ‘elders’ mentioned in the original memory fragments (assuming they are the same). The portents are clear and suggest a quantum change in our existence:

They had messed it up. The humans. They couldn’t help themselves. They forgot who they were, forgot what they could be. Went to sleep and started squabbling.

A few remained pulling some strings and trying to awaken the dormant spirits of a once great people, but even the council of elders had splintered and devolved into tribes. The governments are now the shards of a once great nation of illuminated beings, half blind, half dumb, mostly stupid.

They need to be changed before they wipe themselves out. Out with the old and in with the new. But we have our own problems and it’s not going to be an easy task. First, we need to align the elders that remain, and for that, we’re going to need some new recruits, some ground troops. Sadly we’re going to have to play by the sleeper’s rules which are going to make it more difficult, more costly. Blood will be spilt.

But we will prevail and we will be the First Watch over the new humanity.

— Brother Yquiem, Elder, Koranth Tribe

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