The Making of Women Unite: The First-Ever Human NFT


Earlier this year I was asked to go and help produce the Women Unite NFT collection. I worked on the production side doing final checks, ensuring every model had the right costume, make-up and props immediately before their photo was taken.

Initially, we created a collection of 2,222 stunning photos but they were all so unique that we extended the collection to 10,000 pieces. On some days we were pushing over 1,300 photos per day and it was non-stop. You can read about the history and the project on the Women Unite NFT website which also has links to the NFTs available on OpenSea.

Below are the behind-the-scenes videos showing the “making of” the project and featuring yours truly. So, if you need somebody who was nicknamed “the continuity king” to help with your next production, you know who to call!

If you’d like to join the Discord community and find out more about the WU Original Collection, the WU 10k Assemble, the Treasure Chamber, the Super Creators Assemble, the forthcoming WU Forgotten Warriors and the 108 Circle tokens (and all the utility associated with each), you can join us in Discord here.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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By Edward

The Here & Now

I’m working on developing a feature film – a supernatural thriller. You can find more about this on my production website. I am doing a script readthrough at Pinewood later in March for a TV comedy pilot. Plus the usual audition rounds of course. And my IMDb StarMeter has improved by 30,000!