WIP Edition 2: 30 May



My Main WIP – The Gift

It’s alive! As I continue to learn more about story structure, good plotting, character depth, show-not-tell and more (as every writer should – never stop learning), the story has evolved. The short-story that began it all has become the lead-in to what is developing into a ‘Dude with a Problem’ story (based on the Save the Cat genres). Added about 1200 words to the story this week but switching between structure and story as I try to stop writing myself into corners.

In Other Stories

I got distracted by the Flash Fiction Weekend Party on a Secret Tropical Island Hideaway over on Scribophile and wrote four new pieces of 300 words. It was fun to spin the creative wheels and you can read three of the shorts I posted here on this site: Dog’s Dinner, Defalcator and Mother. The third piece was a dialogue entry which I might play with for a short story as it was kind of fun banter.

I created a playlist called “Writing Advice” on YouTube where I bookmark instructional clips which are useful. Hope you find it beneficial.


I gave up on The Savior’s Champion at about 60% (audio format). I found it a refreshing change of pace than the Fellowship of the Ring at first but everybody (and I mean everybody) swears most of the time, speaks like puerile teenagers (though they are all adults) and the ‘trials’ drag on. You can read the rest of my thoughts on Goodreads. That’s the second book I dropped out of this year. The other was Seveneaves though the writing was a higher standard in the latter.

Daily Life

I wrote 2 new posts on my restaurant blog: Life on the Front Lines: A Restaurant in May 2020, and How uberEATS works for Restaurants.

I have been asked to film a short video clip for Help 4 Hospitality also, so I am scripting this as I write. Still not wrapped this one yet.

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