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“This is the written equivalent of Delia Smith’s How To Cook. And, like British home cooking, the world of popular fiction will be better off for it.” (The Times)

An excellent book that is both a memoir and an excellent outline of the main tools you need in your writer’s toolbox if you want to be taken seriously as a writer.

Stephen King’s approach to writing is story-driven, not plot-driven, so eschews away from other guides which suggest a need for endless pre-planning, outlines, character notes, etc. It’s refreshing to hear this, and it’s a great explanation of why, where and how to write.

Coloured with his personal stories and experiences, you learn why these things are important, so it becomes more than just another textbook. Read by Mr King himself, it’s also injected with humour and excellent intonation throughout.

This is a book that aspiring writers should study, not just read.

And his story of being hit by a van while he was writing this book is both a wonderful example of his engaging writing and a chilling warning to not get distracted while you are driving. The impact you have on others lives is hideous (no pun intended).

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