Binary Sun


White noise, his only friend
A million miles from anywhere.
He surveyed again the binary sun 
Whose gravity had him snared.

Shadows crawled across twitching dials.
He could do nothing but despair.
These majestic stellar souls entwined
With invisible gravity, unaware.

On the outer rim of the Milky Way
For millennia they had danced there.
His life’s journey to touch the souls of stars;
Fifty years on – still getting nowhere.

Frozen for a moment as the corona
Of one star erupted and sent out a flare.
Blindsided. Intoxicated. Lost. Found.
Head spinning. Heart pounding. Scared.

Had he just touched the hand of God
Or been touched by angels? Did he dare
Dream his quest fulfilled, or his journey
Never done? Agape. Wide-eyed, he stared.

Their fire reached in, touched his heart.
Changed his thoughts, feelings, cares.
Stupified, his cocooned soul eclosed,
Unfolded its wings, was born again there.

© April 2019. All Rights Reserved.

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By Edward

The Here & Now

I’m working on developing a feature film – a supernatural thriller. You can find more about this on my production website. I am doing a script readthrough at Pinewood later in March for a TV comedy pilot. Plus the usual audition rounds of course. And my IMDb StarMeter has improved by 30,000!