The sound of blood,
It echoed deep,
Stirring her soul
Again to reap.

Chained to darkness
(This pallid thief)
Her silent heart
Now succour seeks.

In fractured dreams,
She hunts the weak.
Exploits desire
To find relief.

Damned incubus
Who stole her seed
Made bastard child
This new half-breed.

Her Cambion’s dreams
Did inward creep
Beneath her psyche
And arouse’d grief.

A mother’s love,
It runs so deep,
To bridge the gap
Twixt wake and sleep

But now she finds
The one begat.
After all this time
He’s finally tracked

To the same damned bed
Her prey did keep.
Now unrequited,
Eternal weeps.

© October 2020. All Rights Reserved.

A poem inspired by the dark image created by @stefankoidl as part of the @savantpoetry challenge in October 2020. The challenge post can be found here.

This poem ranked 2nd place in the October 2020 challenge 🏆

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By Edward

The Here & Now

I’m working on developing a feature film – a supernatural thriller. You can find more about this on my production website. I am doing a script readthrough at Pinewood later in March for a TV comedy pilot. Plus the usual audition rounds of course. And my IMDb StarMeter has improved by 30,000!