The Sun Rises


The Sun rises and I can care no more for dragons;
Their lucent scales consigned again to the shadows,
Made stone until the Moon next shows her head,
And invisible once more to my lonely waking spirit.

The Sun rises and I can ride no more the unicorn;
Its radiant white coat and azure eyes only fables,
Consigned to dogged pages of long-forgotten tomes,
Unread quixotic stories in this silent mundane world.

The Sun rises and I can play no more with the faun;
His guiding words but whispers in forgotten dreams,
No longer to shepherd the peoples of that grassy gorge,
Instead, they conceal themselves from the waking beast.

The Sun rises and I must fight once more the Devil;
His tentacled brutes haunting every shaded doorway,
Waiting to whisper false hope with poisoned tongues,
To unnerve the senses and seduce me from the path.

The Sun rises yet I must remember my distant friends;
They blessed me with their strength, spirit and wisdom,
So that I may stand strong against these servile agents,
And drive back the demons and their hollow temptations.

The Sun rises and I hear their distant voices echo;
Stand firm against the venomous whispering undertow,
Do not waiver to temptation or your path may be forever lost,
And outwit the crafty colloquy to ride once more with us.

The Sun rises and my grip tightens around the haft;
My lucent shield held close and my mind now clear,
The Black Knight shall stand in my way no longer,
As my quest from that secluded sanctuary now unfurls.

© July 2011. All Rights Reserved

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By Edward

The Here & Now

I’m working on developing a feature film – a supernatural thriller. You can find more about this on my production website. I am doing a script readthrough at Pinewood later in March for a TV comedy pilot. Plus the usual audition rounds of course. And my IMDb StarMeter has improved by 30,000!